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Used equipment categories

waste engine oil
waste diesel
waste Kerosene
waste transformer oil
waste gear oil
waste fuel oil
waste hydraulic oil
Repair Factory Waste Oil
waste heavy oil
waste oil dregs
waste oil
waste saponated oil
other waste oil
waste lubricating oil
waste mineral oil
waste rail oil
waste cutting oil
waste gasoline/petrol
waste solvent oil
waste plant oil
waste animal oil
waste edible oil
base oil
WPD/waste plastic disposal
Wastewater glycol
washing machine
TV set
Microwave oven
Maternal&Infant Articles
Maternal&Child products
Home textile
Digital Products
Digital product
Mobile phone
Waste circuit board
Waste circuit board
Waste chemical raw materials
Chemical waste
Waste sulfur
Waste iodine
oil paint
Chemical reagent
Waste graphite
Waste graphite
Steel mill slag
Dust ash
Steel plant dust ash
Steel plant sludge
scrap plastic
Life waste plastic
Industrial production waste plastic
Waste plastic pipe building materials
Packaging printing waste plastic
Dismantling repairing waste plastics
Stock waste plastic products
Waste plastic residual material
Scrap iron
Factory iron
Waste equipment
Construction site scrap iron
Living scrap iron
Iron scrap
Waste paper products
Waste paper
Waste book newspaper
Office waste paper
Factory waste paper
Stock paper products
Waste wrapping paper
Waste paper box
Waste nonferrous metal
Copper containing waste
Aluminum containing waste
Lead containing waste
Zinc containing waste
Tin containing waste
Nickel containing waste
Chromium containing waste
Rare metal parts
Scrap alloy
Waste stainless steel
Waste power plant
Frequency converter
Pressure gauge
Control cabinet
Distribution Cabinet
iron pagoda
Electric porcelain bottle
Isolation switch
integrated circuit
power cable
Office Equipment
Office equipment
air conditioning
office furniture
Office Supplies
Office supplies
Fitness Equipment
Musical instrument
Used Furniture
Used Furniture
coffee table
Bathroom utensils
Building Materials of Windows&Doors
Building materials windows&doors
storage battery
waste battery
Dangerous waste
HW01 Medical Waste
HW02 Pharmaceutical Waste
HW03 Waste drugs, drugs
HW04 pesticide waste
HW05 Waste wood preservative
HW06 Waste organic solvent&organic solvent Waste
HW07 heat treatment of cyanide Waste
HW08 Waste mineral oil
HW09 Waste oil
HW10 polychlorinated (bromine) biphenyl
HW11 fine (steam) distillation residue
HW12 Waste dyes&paint
HW13 Waste organic resin
HW14 new chemical Waste
HW15 Explosive Waste
HW16 photosensitive material Waste
HW17 surface treatment Waste
HW18 incineration residue
HW19 metal containing carbonyl Waste
HW20 contains beryllium Waste
HW21 chromium Waste
HW22 copper Waste
HW23 zinc Waste
HW24 arsenic containing Waste
HW25 selenium Waste
HW26 cadmium Waste
HW27 Antimony Waste
HW28 containing tellurium Waste
HW29 mercury containing Waste
HW30 contains thallium Waste
HW31 leaded Waste
HW32 Waste inorganic fluoride
HW33 Waste inorganic cyanide
HW34 Waste acid
HW35 Waste alkali
HW36 asbestos Waste
HW37 organophosphorus compounds
HW38 Waste organic cyanide
HW39 Phenol Waste
HW40 ether Waste
HW45 Waste organic halide
HW46 nickel waste
HW47 containing barium Waste
HW48 non-ferrous metal smelting Waste
HW50 spent catalyst
Used machine tool equipment
Used lathe
Used milling machine
Used boring machine
Used grinding machine
Used sawing machine
Used planer
Used drilling machine
Used press machine
Used spring machine
Used shearing machine
Used punch equipment
Other unclassified
Cutting tool
Used broaching machine
Machine Tool Accessories
Used polishing machine
Used bending machine
Used gear processing machine
Used screw thread processing machine
Used CNC machine tools
Used machine tool production line
Used slotting machine
Used processing center
Used line cutting
Used forging machinery
Used bearing processing equipment
Used combination machine
Used fastener equipment
Used Lapping machine
Used Bending Machine
Used hammer
Used die casting machine
Used shot blasting machine
Used Folding Machine
Industrial robot
Used industrial boilers
Used boiler fittings
Used oil fired boiler
Used gas boiler
Used power plant boiler
Used boiler
Used grate boiler
Used horizontal boiler
Used coal fired steam boiler
Used coal fired hot water boiler
Used vertical boiler
other unclassified boiler
Used steam boiler
Used chain boiler
Biomass boiler
Used chemical equipment
Used storage device
Used reaction equipment
Used test equipment
Used mixing equipment
Used molding equipment
Used crushing equipment
Used heat transfer equipment
Used drilling equipment
Used refining equipment
Used refrigeration machine
Other unclassified equipment
Used rubber equipment
Used glass equipment
Used dryer
Used drying oven
Used storage tank
Used centrifuge
Used reaction kettle
Used chemical pump
Used shale shaker
Used distilled water machine
Used distillation tower
Used well drilling equipment
Used oil recovery equipment
Used workover device
Used cementing equipment
Used oil refining equipment
Used gas equipment
Used lubricating device
Used oxygen tank
Used vulcanizing tank
Used liquefied gas tank
Used plank frame filter press
Used condenser
Used oxygen plant
Used reclaimed rubber equipment
Used tires equipment
Used oil
Chemical mechanical seal
Used mass transfer equipment
Fertilizer production machinery
Used chemical plant installations
Used extraction equipment
Used construction machinery
Used lifting equipment
Used excavate machinery
Used loading machinery
Used road manchinery
Other unclassified
Used forklift
Used crawler crane
Used car hoist
Used bulldozer
Used hoist
Used tower crane
Used pile driver
Used graders
Used shield
Used rock drill
Used special vehicles
Mobile general power
Used agriculture&mining machinery
Engineering equipment
Port Luqiao Machinery
Used roller
Used dump truck
Used truck
Used Mixer
Used rigs
Used paver
Used Scaffolding
Used electricity equipment
Used welding equipment
Used transformer equipment
Used transmission and distribution equipment
Other unclassified
Used testing equipment
Used construction and maintenance equipment
Used electrical instrument
Used broadcasting equipment
Used lighting equipment
Used electrician electrical
Used communications equipment
Used welding rod production equipment
Used regulator
Used power generation equipment
Used electric heating equipment
Used wire and cable equipment
Relay protection and automation
Used substation
Power battery
Power plant auxiliary
Current transformer, capacitor
Communication equipment
Switch equipment
Battery production equipment
Used woodworking equipment
Bamboo and wood products equipment
Wood-based panel processing equipment
Used woodworking lathes
Used woodworking planer
Used woodworking saw machine
Used wood processing equipment
Edge banding equipment
Sanding device
coal production of complete sets of equipment
Timber processing equipment
Woodworking press machine
Woodworking drilling machine
Woodworking milling machine
Grooved device
Makeup finger joint equipment
Clad surface equipment
Logging equipment
Other woodworking equipment
Used furniture production equipment
Used textiles equipment
Used primary processing equipment
Used knitting equipment
Used spinning equipment
Used printing dyeing equipment
Used non-woven fabric
Other unclassified
Used textile accessories
Used nonwoven equipment
Used weaving machinery
Used chemical fiber machinery
Used cotton spining equipment
Used silk linen
Used silk spinning equipment
Used textile machinery
Used smelting equipment
Used smelt equipment
Used iron smelting equipment
Used steelmaking equipment
Used rolling mill equipment
Used carbonize chalk equipment
Used hydraulic equipment
Other smelting equipment
Used cast steel factory equipment
Used plating equipment
Used steel ball equipment
Used powder metallurgy equipment
Used sheet metal factory equipment
Used stainless steel factory equipment
Used winding machine
Used aluminum plant equipment
Used casting equipment
Used handball group factory equipment
Used sintering plant equipment
Used copper equipment
Electric furnace smelting equipment
Nonferrous metal smelter equipment
used plate plant equipment
Used profile plant equipment
Heating furnace
Used metal processing equipment
Used dust removal&ventilation equipment
Idle water treatment equipment
Fluid equipment
Old lifting equipment
Old pressure vessel
electric equipment
Old metal processing equipment
Other smelting equipment
Tailings treatment equipment
Used building materials equipment
Used frp sheet production line
Floor production line
Plastic pipe equipment
Ceramic tile production equipment
All kinds of brick and tile machinery
Stone equipment
Glass equipment
Coating product equipment
Ceiling production equipment
Gypsum board production line
Metal Plate/pipe
Lockmaking equipment
Bathroom plumbing equipment
Sanitary ware production equipment
Construction equipment
Doors and Windows production equipment
Building curtain wall equipment
Other building materials equipment
Used steel plant
Used ceramic machinery
Used generator
Used diesel generator unit
Used gasoline unit
Used steam turbine generator unit
Used themal power generation equipment
Used wind power generation equipment
Used water power generation equipment
Other unclassified
Cummings generator units
Rolls-royce generator unit
Other generator units
Volvo generator units
John Deere generator units
Mitsubishi generator units
CAT generator units
Dayu generator units
MTU generator units
denyo generator units
komatsu generator units
Used Gas Generator
Used solar generators
Used synchronous generator
Used three - phase alternator
Used Silent Generator
Weichai generating units
Shangchai generating units
Yuchai generating units
Perkins generator
Deutz generator
Honda Generator
Used food equipement
Used confectionery equipment
Used aquatic processing equipment
Used meat processing equipment
Used slaughter equipment
Used equipment for dairy factory
Used cigarette equipment
Used food processing equipment
Used food packaging equipment
Used quick frozen food equipment
Used health food equipment
Used fruits and vegetable processing equipment
Used squid processing equipment
Used supermarket equipment
Used beverage production equipment
Other Used food machinery
Food universal equipment
Seasoning equipment
Used brewing equipment
Biscuit/pastry equipment
Used grease equipment
Leisure food equipment
Tea equipment
Used rubber
Used rubber mixing mill
Used calendar machine
Used rubber crusher
Used cutting machine
Used vulcanizing machine
Used open mill
Used vulcanizing tank
Used mixer
Used molding machine
Used edge grinding machine
Used cutting machine
Used extruder machine
Other unclassified
Crushing/crushing equipment
Silicone rubber machinery
Used transformer
Used radiator
Used relay
Used power transformer
Used electric furnace transformer
Used rectifier transfomer
Used high voltage transformer
Used dry transformer
Used distribution transformer
Used isolation transformer
Used special transformer
Used power transformer
Used three-phase transformer
Used test transformer
Used control transformer
Used electronic transformer
Used autotransformer
Used high frequency transformer
Used low voltage transformer
Used transformer auxiliary machinery
Used transformer test instrument
Other unclassified
Used printing equipment
Used printing machinery
Used plate making equipment
Printing finishing equipment
Other unclassified
Used imported printing machine
Used printing machinery parts
Prepress system
Offset machine
Flexographic printing machine
Letterpress machine
Gravure printing machine
Pad Printer
Digital presses
Printing portrait machine
Office advertising equipment
Printing production line
Printing machine service
Business card printing machine
Trademark bill printing machine
Used silk screen machine
Used mining industry equipment
Used mining equipment
Used crushing equipment
Used preparation equipment
Used prospecting equipment
Used security equipment
Other unclassified
Mining support equipment
Grinding equipment
Feeding equipment
Conveying equipment
Ventilation and dust removal equipment
Mining electrical appliances
Mining accessories
Mine communication equipment
Mining experiment equipment
Used crane
Used double girder crane
Used gantry crane
Used double girder crane
Used bridge crane
Used flower gantry crane
Used metallurgical crane
Used hoist crane
Used single beam crane
Other unclassified
Ship equipment
Used anchor windlass
Used tug boat
Used bulk cargo ship
Used refrigerated ship
Used dredger
Used crane ship
Sand ship
Used multi purpose ship
Used container ship
Used chemical tanker
Used oil tanker
Used deck barge
Uesd floating crane ship
Used general cargo ship
Passenger ship
Fishing boat
Other kinds of ship
Ship accessories
Ship pass guide equipment
Used marine generators
Used apparel machine
sewing equipment
Used ironing equipment
Used leather processing equipment
Used shoemaking equipment
Other unclassified
Sewing equipment before sewing
Sewing after equipment
Sewing match
Used knitting equipment
Leather product equipment
Used washing equipment
Used air condition
Used central air-conditioning
Used compressor
Used condenser
Used evaporator
Used air cooled heat pump unit
Used cooling tower
Used cold storage
Used refrigeration unit
Other unclassified
Used agricultural equipment
Used fertilizer processing machinery
Feed production equipment
Used soil tillage machinery
Other unclassified
Used food processing equipment
Used soiless cultivation device
Used intelligent greenhouse equipment
Used farming equipment
Used livestock feed machinery
Used harvesting machinery
Used forage bunding machine
Used forage drying equipment
Used tractors
Used rice processing equipment
Planting fertilization mechanical
Drainage and irrigation machinery
Fishery mechanical
Garden machinery
Farm machinery accessories
Feed conveyor equipment
Used packaging equipment
Used paper packaging equipment
Used plastic packaging equipment
Used metal packaging equipment
Other unclassified
Used packaging test equipment
Used cloth packaging equipment
Used bamboo packaging equipment
Compound material packaging equipment
Used glass packaging equipment
Used packaging relevant equipment
Used packaging print equipment
Used winding machine
Used packaging machine
Used padding machinery
Used play code machine
Used sealing machine
Used filling machinery
Used wrapping machine
Used strapping machine
Used spurt code machine
Used labeling machine
Used marking machine
Used electric motor
Used rolling mill motor
Used AC motor
Used DC motor
Used imported motor
Used explosion proof motor
Other unclassified motor
Used adjustable speed motor
Used motor production equipment
Motor remanufacturing
Used gear motor
Used synchronous motor
Used stepper motor
Used servo motor
Used asynchronous motor
Used injection molding machine
Used double color injection molding machine
Used multicolor injection molding machine
Used horizontal injection molding machine
Used vertical injection molding machine
Used extruder machine
Used disc injection molding machine
Used single screw injection molding machine
Used double screw injection molding machine
Used direct pressure injection molding machine
Other unclassified
Used plastic equipment
Used blown film equipment
Used rolling equipment
Used granulation equipment
Used molding equipment
Other unclassified/plastic recycling equipment
Used plastic crusher
Used bottle blowing machine
Used cooper equipment
Used foam production line
Used PVC pipe production equipment
Used profile production line
Used plastic weaving equipment
Used cup machine
Used extrusion sheet machine
Used cutting machine
Used cross-cutting machine
Used tube membrane machine
Flow delay equipment
Plastic cleaning equipment
Used cement equipment
Used cement tanker
Used dryer
Used dust removal equipment
Used metering device
Used refractory material
used cement production line
Other cement equipment
Used crushing equipment
Used cement production equipment
Used grinding equipment
Used firing equipment
Used conveying equipment
Used equipment
Used cooling device
Used packaging equipment
Used paper making equipment
Used preparation equipment
Used pulping equipment
Used cooking equipment
Used alkali recovery equipment
Used bleaching equipment
Used paper processing equipment
Other unclassified
Used paper cutter
Paper cut machine
Calender machine
Single cylinder paper machine
Double cylinder paper machine
Rewinding machine
Cylinder paper machine
Corrugated machine
Carton production line
Used electronic digital
Used computer processing equipment
Used laptop
Used computer
Used mobile phone
Used digital video camera
Used digital camera
Used office equipment
Used palmtop computer
Used household electrical appliance
Used computer accessories
Used music/video/vcd/dvd/audio
Used photographic equipment
Used computer supplies
Other electronic equipment
Loading group and mounted equipment (SMT equipment)
Ultrasonic equipment
Laser equipment
Electronic exclusive use instrument
Electronic universal equipment
Environmental test equipment
PCB Circuit board production equipment
Electronic semiconductor production equipment
IC integrated circuit production equipment
Anti-static equipment
LED display equipment
Used stage equipment
Factory workshop
Office building
Used variable speed equipment
Used transmission
Used speed reducer
Other unclassified
Worm screw elevator
Worm gear reducer
Gear reducer
Planetary gear reducer
Vertical reducer
Shaft couplings ,brake gearbox
Mechanical stepless speed variator
Used gear box
Used oil equipment
Processing equipment before press
Oil press equipment
Oil extraction equipment
Oil processing equipment
Oil refining equipment
Oil equipment
Boiler equipment
Filling equipment
Oil refinery equipment
Bio diesel equipment
Waste tires refining oil equipment
Lube oil blending equipment
Storage and transport equipment
Gas station equipment
Spare parts
Spare parts
Auto parts/motor bicycle fittings
Used electric tools
Hardware mold
Knife tool,fixture,measuring tool
Forge piece
Casting piece
Chemical equipment parts
Smelt equipment spare parts
Textile equipment spare parts
Engineering machinery spare parts
Power equipment spare parts
Machine spare parts
Plastic equipment spare parts
Oil equipment spare parts
Papermaking equipment spare parts
Compression equipment spare parts
Boiler spare parts
Printing equipment spare parts
Fan spare parts
Transportation equipment
Used auto
Used stacking machine
Used handing equipment
Other unclassified
Used aircraft
Used auto parts processing equipment
Used all kinds of auto parts
Used motorcycle
Used train
Used vehicle repair maintenance
Used Special vehicles
Used bus
Used car
Used municipal car
Parking equipment
Used instruments
Used apparatus equipment
Used instrument
Used optical instrument
Used flow meter
Used electrical instrument
Used pressure instrument
Used temperature instrument
Used analysis instrument
Used test instrument
Used detection instrument
Other unclassified instrument
Compression&separation equipment
Used gas separation equipment
Used filtration separation equipment
Used centrifugal blower
Used roots blower
Used axial flow fan
Used drum fan
Other unclassified
Used air compressor
Used centrifugal compressor
Other unclassified
Used compressor
Used mine fan
Used boiler drum fan
Used ship fan
Used sewage treatment fan
Used power station fan
General centrifugal fan
General axial fan
Used roof wind machine
Used dust exhausting fan
Used tobacco fan
Used air conditioning fan
Used high temperature fan
Used centrifugal compressor
Used down hole drill
Used truck
Commercial vehicle
Dump - dump truck
Liquefied gas carrier
vansContainer trucks
Ordinary truck (big trucks )
Trucks (pickups, small trucks )
Liquid tank trucks
Municipal engineering truck
Used elevator
Used passenger elevator
Used goods lift
Used medical elevator
Used elevator
Used sightseeing elevator
Used Vehicles elevator
Used ship elevator
Used special elevator
Used building construction elevator
Other unclassified
Used environment protection equip
Used security equipment
other unclassified
Used sewage treatment equipment
Chemical equipment remanufacturing
Metallurgical machinery remanufacturing
Textile machinery remanufacturing
Construction machinery remanufacturing
Old machine tool remanufacturing
Remanufacturing of petroleum machinery
Recycling of agricultural machinery
Fluid machinery remanufacturing
Reproduction of presses
Packaging machinery remanufacturing
Fan remanufacturing
Gearbox remanufacturing
Mining machinery remanufacturing
Vehicle remanufacturing
Generator remanufacturing
Motor remanufacturing
Spare parts remanufacturing
Mechanical remanufacturing
Office equipment remanufacturing
Transformer remanufacturing
Ceramic machinery remanufacturing
Air conditioning remanufacturing
Demolition industry
comprehensive information
Civil construction demolition
Other unclassified equipment
Used stage equipment
Equipment on stage
Equipment down stage
Stage light
Video equipment
Sound reinforcement equipment
Seat arena
Electric control equipment
Conference system equipment
Bar equipment
Musical instrument
Ktv equipment
Recording equipment
Stage peripheral equipment
Overall processing
Operating lease
Hire purchase leasing type
Financing lease
Guesthouse&Hotel equipment
Cleaning equipment
Washing equipment
Restaurant equipment
Dedicated boiler
Kitchen equipment
Hotel tableware
Dedicated appliances
Central air conditioning
Security equipment
Hotel lighting
Lobby supplies
Hotel costumes
Room amenities
Bar equipment
Used car
Medium large car
Midsize car
Small car
Compact car
Racing car
SUV (sport off-road)
MPV (commercial multi-purpose)
Electric car
Service industry
Import&Export agency/declaration
Technical service
Exploration service
Testing service
Energy saving service
Environmental assessment
Environmental protection service
Ferrous metal
Old steel use wood
Heavy Waste
middle waste
Small Waste
import scrap
Light material
Packaging piece
Steel slag
Iron oxide skin
Waste manganese steel
Waste alloy steel
Waste tool steel
Waste silicon steel sheet
raw iron
Scrap iron casting material
Cast steel casting material
Clean scrap
Special steel casting materials
Scrap steel processing equipment
Waste plastic
General waste plastic
Engineering waste plastic
Special waste plastics
Waste plastic composite material
Recycled plastic particles
Waste plastic additives
Waste plastic processing equipment
plastic machinery
Non-ferrous metals
Scrap copper
Scrap aluminium
Old electric wire electric cable
Heavy metals
Light metal
Rare metals
Rare earth metals
Precious metals
Waste cadmium
Waste mercury
Waste cobalt
Waste antimony
Waste barium
Waste bismuth
Waste tellurium
Waste calcium
Waste potassium
Waste boron
Waste arsenic
Waste strontium
Waste selenium
Waste paper
Packaging Waste paper
Printing Waste paper
waste books
Waste corrugated boxes
Office Waste paper
Waste white side
Waste newspaper
Waste white newspaper
Waste paper box trimming
Waste kraft paper
Waste cardboard
Mixed Waste paper
Living Waste paper
Industrial Waste paper
Special Waste paper
All kinds of pulp
Import Waste paper
Waste paper equipment
Waste stainless steel
200 stainless steel scrap
300 stainless steel scrap
400 stainless steel scrap
Living stainless steel
Mechanical stainless steel
Special stainless steel
Waste stainless steel profiles
Waste stainless steel sheet
Waste stainless steel pipe
Stainless steel scrap hardware
Stainless steel charge
Other Waste stainless steel
Waste wood
Old wooden products
Old sleepers
Old wooden crates
Building wood
Wooden pallets
Old board
Waste wood shaving
Electronic appliances
waste electronics
waste electrical electronic equipment
waste office equipment
Refractory material, heat preservation
waste firebrick
waste castables
waste corundum
Drainage opening material/waste water gap
waste slide plate
waste regenerative ball
waste perlite
waste asbestos
abrasive disc
non-standard diesel
Dilute precious metals
Gold scrap
Silver Waste
Waste platinum
Waste rhodium
Waste palladium
Waste osmium
Waste iridium
Waste ruthenium
Waste catalyst
Waste titanium
Waste zirconium
Waste vanadium
Waste niobium
Waste tantalum
Waste molybdenum
Waste tungsten
Waste lithium
Waste beryllium
Waste gallium
Waste indium
Waste rhenium
Waste germanium
Waste rubidium
Waste cesium
Waste thallium
Waste cerium
Waste lanthanum
Waste yttrium
Waste neodymium
Waste scandium
Waste europium
Rich cerium metal
Waste glass
Waste shattered glass
Waste tube tube glass
Waste glass brazing
Waste glass wool
Waste glass powder
Waste float glass
Waste plate glass
Waste glass bottles
Waste glass roll
Waste grid glass
Industrial Waste glass
Tempered glass
Waste rubber tires
Recycled rubber
Waste tires
Waste rubber
Recycled tire rubber
Waste synthetic chemical fiber
Waste artificial fibers
Waste special chemical fiber
Waste yarn
Waste fabric fabric
Waste leather
Waste cotton
Old wool products
Waste silk
Old denim
Home textile Waste
Waste hemp
Waste woven fabric
Other textile products
Waste materials
Other waste materials
Livings waste
Used game equipment
Used sports leisure facilities
Office garbage
Waste Household appliances
Waste Supermarket
Waste hotel
Industrial waste
Used inventory backlog equipment
Scrap equipment
Waste glass factory
Bulk Waste material
Waste wire&cable
Waste transformer
Waste motor
Waste electrical equipment
Waste metal products
Waste hardware accessories
Port wharf
Waste building material
Colliery Waste
Petrified Waste material
Waste sewage treatment plant
Scrap metal
Waste non-ferrous metals
Waste bearing
Appliance dismantling
Ship dismantling
Car dismantling
Electromechanical dismantling
Waste dismantling
House dismantling
The blasting dismantling
The battery apart
Used equipment dismantling
steelplant waste
Secondary material
Special steel
Scrap copper pieces
Waste aluminum parts
Waste lead
Platinum silk
Waste paper
Solid waste
Dangerous waste
Waste Electrical&Mechanical
Scrap rails
Scrapped locomotive
Scrap equipment
Waste sleepers
Waste wheels
Scrap axle
Waste fork
Waste rubber
Scrap steel
Waste non-ferrous metals
Hazardous waste
Waste materials
Scrap utilization materials
Old sleeper
Old steel
Old angle steel
Old flat iron
Old thick plate
Old plate
The old sheet steel
Old colour tile
Old workshop steel frame
Old Pipeline
Old seamless steel tube
The old elbow
Scrap steel template
Waste axial
Among the waste
Waste round steel
Rail material
Waste storage tank
Used refractories
Refractory spray paint
SIC coating
The magnesite brick
Semi-combined magnesium-chrome brick.
Electrofusion with magnesite chrome brick.
Hanging brick
Waste corundum brick
Waste magnesium-alumina brick
Waste magnesite brick
Used firebrick
The new jade cast material
High purity magnesite brick
High alumina cement
High aluminum applicator
High alumina brick
Chrome-alumina spinel brick
Magnesite chrome brick
Gunning material
Shaft furnace refractory powder
Direct combination of magnesium-chrome brick
Available materials
Old conveyor belt
Waste valve
Waste saw blade
Waste gearbox
Scrap scaffolding
Scrap chain
Waste roll
Bankruptcy Transfer
Security equipment
Washing equipment
Cleaning equipment
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